Father Dan

After living and ministering in the Mt Pleasant community for close to thirty years, I find myself coming close to an end of that chapter of my life. That means a new beginning is not far off!

Over all of those years there are many people from many cultures and economic levels that have found a home with the people of Epiphany and St. Cecilia parishes. Those bonds of family, formed primarily in the celebration of Eucharist and our mission to the Mt. Pleasant community, have united many people in living the Gospel call to serve others in a multitude of ways. Like the song "They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love", we have walked hand in hand, worked side by side seeking dignity and pride for all. Although our church buildings were the places where much of the ministry took place, our church family has always extended far beyond our walls and even beyond our city and state. United in our Catholicism, our spirit of celebration, our choosing each other as family, and our loving service to all we have gathered in the name of Jesus to build a place where all are welcome. Those who were unable to be with us physically felt the bond with us, knowing our family was praying for them and knowing we would be there for them when the opportunity to gather with us would present itself.

As of April 25th 2010 the places of gathering will be gone. Epiphany parish is a memory already and the doors of St. Cecilia will be closed forever. What will happen then to this community? The St. Cecilia mission statement proclaims “We are a faith community diverse in age, culture, race, and economic status. Centered in our joyful celebration of the Eucharist we dedicate ourselves under the gospel to worship and witness, to teach and to learn, to serve and to liberate to welcome all and to extend ourselves for the Reign of God.” This mission needs to continue now no longer as St. Cecilia’s but now as Scattered Seed. Bursting forth from the shell that enclosed us the former parishes become the nucleus of a church without walls.

Scattered Seed will be held together by our website scattered-seed.org and our gatherings for Eucharist in various places. Celebrating with different churches occasionally we will find the strength and encouragement to bring back to the churches we have chosen to be our faith communities. Renewed in the spirit that flows from gathering with each other and our host parishes we will do what we can to enrich many of the Gospel centered activities in the Diocese by our involvement and our prayer.

This is only a first step. As we go on, the members of the community will define it and determine where God is calling us. At this point we are asking you to agree to future emails and become a member of Scattered Seed (please register here). As a first experience we have been invited by Holy Family Church, 3450 Sycamore Dr, in Stow, to celebrate a liturgy with members of their community followed by a dinner on November 1, 2009. There will be a musical prelude starting at 4:30 PM followed by Mass at 5:00.

I will also attempt to keep a community calendar of important events and opportunities for community involvement. If you know of something that will be happening that you would like on the calendar please let us know for the present by emailing me (please click here).

As we move forward through the difficult process of dying and rising let us all open our hearts to the Spirit who heals us and who calls us forth to bring the Good News of Jesus in love to all.

Fr. Dan Begin

1/18/1949 - 2/18/2017