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Communion of Saints Dinner and Theater Party (A LESSON BEFORE DYING at East Cleveland Theater) - March 30, 2012 starting out with a light dinner at 6:00 PM in St Ann's Walsh Hall(underneath the church) and then heading over to the play which is only about 10 minutes away (it starts at 8:00 PM). Please see the image below for more information.
Communion of Saints Dinner and Theater Party

African Gathering

Smithsonian Institution Exhibition

Horns and Things

Horns and Things Members Horns and Things is the powerhouse contemporary jazz ensemble that has pleased audiences throughout the years! The group was founded by saxophonists J.T. Lynch and Ken LeeGrand. In an effort to find a place for their music, which could fit the modern genre and fulfill the needs of the Main Stream market, they teamed with Bassist, Derrick James, Keyboardist, Sakait Baksar and Drummer, Ray Harvin to form the nucleus of the band. Percussionist Bill Ransom has been an addition on various recording sessions and performances. This phenomenal group has been performing for over twenty years. Click here for Horns and Things web site.

Dinner Dance