Thanks from the Begin Family

Dear Family and Friends (I can't tell the difference any more),

Thanks so much for the outpouring of love through emails, cards, donations, prayers and hugs over these lat weeks through my brother Leroy's final illness and death. At the wake and the funeral I invited everyone to take a moment to claim the strength that comes from prayer, love, and compassion. I invited them to reach out their hands like antennae pulling in the power you were sending and then placing that power on their hearts and their heads. What a gift it is that we can touch each other through our God's prayer waves!

I personally want thank so many people from everywhere who touched me over these last weeks from scattered-seed, my present assignment at Communion of Saints, former parishes, clergy, diocesan and seminary personell and other contacts. This lifegiving network of faith and love has held me in place, stregthened me, and given me enthusiam for continuing to build the city of God. My prayers all start with the same word these days: THANKS! Thanks for the gift of my brother, thanks for those who helped him through this transition, thanks for family and friends, thanks for the faith that binds us together and thanks for you!


Fr. Dan

Letter from Fr. Dan to Those Who Have Contributed to Our Ministries Over the Years

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